Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Giraffe Tall Artwork

Some online casino games, notably slot machines and lotteries, are games of luck but others such as roulette, craps, baccarat and card games involve a melding of skill and strategy. Almost any game has an element of luck but when you place your wager in any of the skill-related casino games, the more you consider the options and bet carefully, the more success you'll experience. Some people rely on betting strategies when playing online casino games. Betting strategies are controversial but many gamers feel more comfortable when they organize their gaming bets into a tried-and-true technique. You'll find a wide range of betting strategies for online gaming but probably two of the best-known strategies are the Martingale technique and the prime numbers method.  The Martingale strategy involves a player doubling his bet after a loss. This strategy works on the theory that, when you double your bet after a loss, you'll eventually earn enough to cover past losses and one extra unit. In the prime numbers wagering method the gamer concentrates his wagers on prime numbers -- numbers which can be divided only by themselves or by 1. Many gamers believe that applying mathematical principles to online casino betting in a consistent manner brings results. Casino advisors are wary but many believe that, for some gamers, a betting strategy might be an efficient way to organize their gaming activities and create a more efficient overall gaming event. Applying mathematical principles to gaming is not a new phenomena. Individuals who solve mazes have known, for hundreds of years, that mathematical principals apply to games. Mazes are becoming increasingly popular as old mazes are recreated in new and unique ways and new mazes evolve. Completing a maze provides an individual with a sense of personal accomplishment as he employs advanced analytical skills that other puzzles lack. This is the reason that researchers frequently use mazes for their research --virtual mazes, a mouse in a maze, intellectual mazes, etc. Observing people in the process of solving a maze can also provide insights into different aspects of man's capacity to learn and into various elements of human behavior. Mazes are known to expand memory retention and sharpen critical skills instincts. Mazes teach you to move on and try new techniques if your previous problem-solving strategy hasn't worked out as you develop a mindset that propels you to victory.
op art style giraffe maze
Very trippy Giraffe Maze - Maze Solution


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