Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Maze of Awesomeness, Cats of Kindness

trippy maze
Trippy Abstract Pattern Maze of squared Spheres
Find the Maze's Solution CLICK HERE
If you're looking for ideas on ways to bond with your cats, there are a wide range of activities that can help you. The first thing to remember is that the cats love you and want to spend time with you. You can hear it in their happy purrs when they are in contact with you. The second thing to remember is that the cats give a lot more to you and your well being than you give to them and their well being. The cats improve your mood, reduce your stress, and give you a better self-image, and that means that the cats deserve some level of gratitude from their owners. And the best way to give them the gratitude they deserve is to include them in all the mundane parts of your life that you possibly can. Let them rub against your legs as you cook dinner, or when you're folding laundry. Let them sit in your lap when you're on the computer answering emails or visiting the online casino. Let them know that you are happy to have them there, not just tolerating their presence. They will reward you with happy purrs, which are actually one of the triggers for the good feelings you get when they are around. Rub their bellies while they sit on your legs, and stroke the backs of their heads. It's part of the bonding experience that's good for you and good for the cats. And that will give you a great feeling.

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