Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grumpy Cat and the iPad

ipad roulette grumpy cat
If you enjoy playing online casino games for real money but sometimes worry that the stress you feel while playing them is not good for you, you should consider some stress reduction techniques. One that has proven effective, particularly for people who love to play online roulette, is to play the game while sitting in a comfortable chair and holding a warm and loving cat in their laps. Stroking the cat during the spins of the wheel has been shown to help people stay calm through the inevitable ups and downs of the games, and that means they are able to think clearly when they are placing their bets. Too often, people make bets on roulette when they are in the grip of an emotional hijacking, feeling that they need to take excessive risks in the hopes of a larger payout. When people play in a calm state, they are better equipped to choose the level of risk they want to take. While reducing stress about the game does not guarantee larger winnings or better results, it does give you an advantage that could ultimately serve to increase your winnings, especially in the long run.  

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